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Life in Static 

 she watches 

Watch Rebecca's recent writing and spoken word piece 'She Watches' 

An original piece of writing, recorded and filmed for digital performance

Created for Tmesis Theatre's project: Life in Static, part of their Wicked Women Development Course

rain warms the air and Darkness unveils the evening as she watches the world go by. poetic storytelling draws you into this chance encounter and awakening - when her littlest finger dares to reach out

Rebecca McGreevy's original piece of writing 'She Watches' - part of Life in Static, a Tmesis Theatre Wicked Women Project
She Watches - Rebecca McGreevy

Writing She Watches

Written and recorded in 24 hours - Rebecca focused on story, character and imagery

Writing 'She Watches' was a quick and intensive process, using imagery inspired from the theme 'life in static' and turning it into a spoken word piece. 

This was then recorded, and layered with video footage captured within the 24 hours. Recorded during lockdown there was limited access to outdoor space, and so capturing interior and technology, as well as the nature that was accessible, became an important thread in the imagery and videos. 

Thanks for watching!

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