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Audio Theatre & Going Digital

With a whole host of digital creative projects going on, I have been working with JustOut Theatre on their latest season of work: JustOut Stays In.

Having performed in their Fringe tour of White Nurse last summer I was excited to get working with them on another new play, this time digitally.

Qualified, by Lee Thompson, introduces us to Nadia, a trainee teacher, as she begins therapy when she can't get the sound of a cello playing out her head. Performing this funny, loveable and heart-breaking character was a delight, and it worked so well in the new audio medium we were working with.

A play all about the personal story of a woman who can hear the sound of a cello, what better way to explore than by focusing on the sounds of cello and her voice taking you through her journey?

Rehearsing and recording over video call, I worked with Director Keira MacAlister, Actor Lucia Rimini who played the cello, and the JustOut theatre team Ben Wilson and Gabriel Stewart.

Check out the final audio play online now!

Playwright - Lee Thompson

Director - Keira MacAlister

Actor - Rebecca McGreevy

Cello Performer - Lucia Rimini

Editor - Gabriel Stewart

Artwork - Keira MacAlister

JustOut Theatre - www.justouttheatre.co.uk

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