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Creating at TakeOver Festival

Updated: Oct 14

TakeOver Festival is an annual festival at York Theatre Royal ran entirely by young people, as Chair of the Board this year I also took on the role of Volunteer Co-Ordinator & Front of House Manager - While also devising and performing in shows throughout the week

Festival Highlights

Performing on Look North - as part of BBC Look North's coverage on the festival Jessy Roberts and myself performed an original song (by Matthew Gallis) acapella

Hansel & Gretel - Devising, performing and Workshop Assisting at the Halloween kids event at St Nicholas' Field

Lovely, Special, Best and Most Important by Ashley Milne - Performed in a rehearsed reading directed by Jessy Roberts of this gripping play by the talented Ashley Milne

and the biggest highlight of them all...

Performing Wild Thyme (and Heather)

What started off as an intimate and poetic piece of theatre we transformed into an unaplogetic and dynamic piece of theatre. I acted, as well as co-directed and co-wrote. The show was performed in the York Theatre Royal Studio as part of the New Voices day at the festival

for more on this show and Wild Thyme (and Heather):



Both Lovely, Special, Best and Most Important by Ashley Milne as well as teastain's Wild Thyme (and Heather) both performed at the New Voices day at the festival had fantastic reviews by Unknown Magazine

Wild Thyme (and Heather)

Co-Writer - Co-Director and Performer

A tour-de-force cast of Jessy Roberts, Rebecca McGreevy and Lucia Rimini
moving between anger and melancholy, youthful joy and tragedy expertly
​If this performance is anything to go by, Teastain Theatre are ones to look out for for anyone interested in dynamic feminist theatre.
This performance brought together so many aspects of theatre effortlessly to tell a story of youthful relationships, grief and jealousy

Lovely, Special, Best and Most Important

by Ashley Milne


there was one particular highlight for me, coming as a result of Milne's skilled writing and the acting of Rebecca McGreevy (Emmie)... It was a deeply tragic exploration of Emmie's obsession with pornography and her skewed perception of sex, which would have any audience squirming in discomfort.


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