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Directing Breathing Corpses...

Updated: Oct 14

I directed Laura Wade's Breathing Corpses, at The Drama Barn in York. With Lucia Rimini as Producer, we brought together a team of vibrant creatives to bring life to this intriguing dark play. The final show was a dynamic, haunting and emotional production.

Breathing Corpses has always captured my attention as an intriguing play, pushing characters to the very edge of human emotion and looking death straight in the eye. With darkness seemingly in every corner, we worked on finding moments of joy and love in each character.

Directing this production has been a dream of mine for a while, challenged to connect the interweaving stories, capture the audience with haunting images of death without drowning them in the sombre and often distressing themes.

The production was an exciting process, bringing in my movement direction experiences to heighten those crucial transitions between the devastated, the aggressive and the innocent.

We had great reviews...

'the combination of a fantastic script and talented actors ensured a genuine thread of emotional vitality underpinned every interaction' - Unknown Magazine


'certainly enthralling and entertaining in its turns with plenty of powerful acting and doses of laughter. Certainly an interesting insight into the psychological effects of death and stunningly portrayed so that it draws you into the action;just watch you don't end up as a breathing corpse yourself after witnessing what happens to those who found them...' - Nouse





Amy - Jessy Roberts, Ben - Jay Seldon, Kate - Abby Coppard, Jim - Caidraic Heffernan, Ray - Mark Ellis, Elaine - Keira MacAlister, Charlie - Rob King


Director - Rebecca McGreevy, Producer - Lucia Rimini Assistant Director - James Chetwood, Assistant Producer - Abbey Urban Set Designer - Ashleigh Nicole, Lighting Design - Blaise Prokesz Costume Designer - Evie Emslie, Sound Design - Alex Paul Stage Manager - Tala Pattinson, Photographer - Greg Tiani Press & Publicity (& rehearsal photographer ) - Bertie Tucker Hough Assistant stage management - Tabby Merrison Galvin, Assistant costume - Olivia Grimley, Assistant Set - Elissa Nicholson

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