• Rebecca

From Wicked Women to Skein Collective

Updated: Mar 19

As a part of Tmesis Theatre's Wicked Women development course, I met a group of creative women, all making our own ways into the performance industry.

As individuals we are makers, directors, writers, producers, film creatives and more; I learnt so much just by hearing about their own practices and developing skills in freelance working together. As our year with Tmesis Theatre's course drew to a close we were inspired to stay connected and continue to support each other's development. So Skein Collective was created.

Founded with the support and guidance of Tmesis Theatre, we launched with a digital project 'First Times', following our final Wicked Women project 'Life in Static'. Not only did I get to create in both projects, but teamed up with Mariana Pires, we created our digital branding and social media presence to showcase the collective.

Find out more about Skein Collective, and follow us across socials to see what we create and discover as both individual artists and a collective growing stronger together.