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Launching teastain theatre

Updated: Oct 14

I co-founded a new theatre company teastain theatre! Leading the marketing management of the company, as well as performing in both of our launching shows, it was a very exciting new project, developing my professional work.

Branding We decided on the name teastain and I created the final version of the logo, as well as making our website and social media profiles www.teastaintheatre.weebly.com

We started off with some Research & Development for our first performance Out of Love by Elinor Cook.

This sparked ideas for our first original production Wild Thyme (and Heather). Both of the productions were performed at Great Yorkshire Fringe.

teastain theatre then went on to develop our production Wild Thyme (and Heather) further. I am leading the marketing of the company, as well as performing in the next performance of Wild Thyme (and Heather) at TakeOver Festival.

As new ideas continue to spark, teastain theatre is looking to be full of vibrant new performance, and as a cofounder I am thrilled to be a part of it.

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