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New Year New Shows

2020 is off to a busy start! Working on our next teastain theatre show, Messy Eaters, starting a project with Pilot Theatre and developing my practices with Tmesis Theatre's Wicked Women ensemble.

Completing last year with our second performance of Wild Thyme (and Heather), at teastain theatre I have been planning ahead our 2020 projects... starting with a collaboration with upcoming writer Aisling Lally - Messy Eaters.

This year with teastain theatre we are expanding our Theatre in Education Projects, building on our Hansel & Gretel's Halloween show in York in November.

Also planning to get Wild Thyme (and Heather) on tour!

Messy Eaters

Performing and Assistant Director of Messy Eaters - showing in York, as part of SLAP Festival, on 15 February 2020.

Rehearsals so far have been full of music, rhyming and seriously funny food puns!

Developing a sense of contemporary poetry rhyme, and finding its own rhythm as a show commenting on the importance, and often silliness of food within our everyday lives.

Pilot Theatre - Young Creative

Developing my creative event producing skills I have embarked on a project to make a response piece of Pilot Theatre's Crongton Knight's for showing during their production week in York, late February.

This busy project is off to an exciting start, with my partner Ellie Rudge, creating ideas and responses to an insight into the rehearsal room, and the play.

Tmesis Theatre Wicked Women

Starting at the end of 2019, I have been lucky to meet a network of talented female creatives with Tmesis Theatre's Wicked Women development course.

Meeting to develop and support each others practices as young women entering the industry I have been considering my aspirations, aims and how I work as a freelance artist in this ever changing and challenging industry!

It's been off to a great start, and with the growing support and network of the group I am excited to see where it will go.

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