• Rebecca

Young Creative with Pilot Theatre

As a Young Creative with Pilot Theatre I developed an installation project alongside 'Crongton Knights' to champion the engagement of their young audiences, and have developed an online workshop about young people's involvement in cultural organisations at the Centre for Cultural Value.

Inspired by the social conscious and youthful heart of Pilot Theatre's work I have enjoyed working with my creative partners in each project to create, develop and produce these outreach projects.

Check out below the workshop performance piece, choreographed by Francesca Robson, which was the creative outcome as part of the event with Centre for Cultural Value

A film by Ryan Christopher

Music by Caleb Femi, Jordan FC, "Gentle/Youth"

Dancers: Ameera Shaheera Mukhriz Mudaris, Amelia Clarke, Ayo Olubode , Francesca Robson, Giulio Aguigwo, Shi Hao

Choreography by Francesca Robson Spoken Word by Ayo Olubode

Commissioned by Pilot Theatre, with thanks to the Centre for Cultural Value, and the Belgrade, Coventry.