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About Me


About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca. There are many strands to my work across theatre-making, directing, writing and marketing/operations, and through all I champion being collaborative and creative.

As Co-Director of teastain theatre, I create new shows, writing, directing and performing. Recent work includes Wild Thyme (and Heather) and Messy Eaters. Across my work with TakeOver Festival, I have championed youth and community engagement with theatre and performance.

See a snapshot of my work across teastain theatre, TakeOver Festival and more in my portfolioMy work also expands to marketing, digital design and operations/project managing. 

I am continuing to look for further experiences in across theatre, community/youth engagement and producing outdoor/indoor performance; if you have opportunities please get in touch below.

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Rebecca McGreevy - Photo by Greg Tiani

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